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The FRAPPE process was developed to make it easier for recreational tennis teachers to provide additional expertise, and make their lessons easier and more fun for students of all ages, children and adults alike. At FRAPPE, we care about recreational tennis. plus faciles et amusants pour les élèves de tous âges, enfants comme adultes. Chez FRAPPE, nous prenons à cœur le tennis récréatif.

Joining the program is done in three easy steps:


Register on Tennis Québec to take the on-court training in order to learn the lesson plans with a FRAPPE certified trainer.


Register to the online training to evaluate your knowledge and thus, reduce the number of hours and the costs related to the training on-court.


Continue your training and access unlimited recreational tennis online lessons on the FRAPPE platform



“Capable de faire 2 jongleries et de faire une mise en jeu en coup droit et




“Capable d’échanger à 1⁄2 terrain mais sa constance est limitée par un
manque de contrôle dans ses coups.”




“Capable d’échanger au 3⁄4 de terrain, mais sa constance est limitée par
l’absence de contrôle dans ses coups.”




“Capable d’échanger au fond de terrain, mais sa constance est limitée par
l’absence de contrôle dans ses coups.”


Notre programme complet

Habileté et points d’enseignement

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We will confirm your application within 24hrs via email.

You have full access to all!

For Recreational Tennis Teachers

4 play areas

Yellow, Red, Orange and Green

Online lesson accessible at any time through the Frappe platform. Focused on the ABM approach so that students develop in a fun environment!

Tennis Trainer Training Coaching Knowledge Concept
For Recreational Tennis Teachers

Complete course

Online and On-court Training

Online training to reduce the number of hours in the field and thus reduce costs.

Tennis Lesson
For Students

Online support

Students Level Planning

Interactive videos accessible to all students in the FRAPPE program.

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The FRAPPE process is beneficial for...

Any type of tennis organization

Educate your students with a simple and highly effective system. Have your students progress in a fun environment. Have highly tailored lessons for each of your students’ playing levels. Make it easy for your teachers. Counteract the shortage of tennis teachers in the industry.

Recreational tennis teachers

Have accessible lesson-plans following your on-court training. Significantly reduce the length and cost of your training (1-day only stage). Receive a training designed by one of the best qualified people in Canada when it comes to recreational tennis.